Praise for Voices of the New Arab Public

  • Choice
    "Outstanding Academic Title" 2006.
  • Perspectives on Politics
    "a significant contribution to the emerging field of the media and politics and the budding literature on the new electronic media and Arab politics. It is a highly scholarly study, extensively researched, well documented, and lucidly written, combining a wealth of data and keen analysis, which offer an excellent understanding of the nature, evolution, and impact of the Arab media and the rising Arab public sphere." -Mahmud Faksh
  • Middle East Journal
    "Here, the study of Arab public opinion has matured to the standards of American political science.... Lynch has not only described voices of the new Arab public; he has provided the point of departure for all serious analysis of it in the future." - Jon Anderson
  • Choice
    "This study is lucidly written, and an excellent discussion of the true nature of the Arab media and opinion... Highly recommended."
  • TBS Journal
    " a scholarly book that reads in parts like a thriller.... must-read work for anyone interested in political communication, civil society, democratization or transformation processes in Arab societies."
  • New Statesman (UK)
    " exhilarating story of the emergence of an Arab public voice, frustrated by the oppressive incompetence of most of its rulers and hungry for better government. But it is also a cautionary tale of a huge energy that we have hardly begun to appreciate... Lynch's authoritative and exciting book, rooted in local knowledge, urgently demands that we engage with this modern Arab world..... We have everything to learn from listening to it, much to gain from a conversation with it, and have already disastrously lost much by ignoring it."
  • Philip Sieb
    "an excellent job of appraising the impact of this change... a fascinating look at media-driven political discourse." - Milwaukee Journal, February 2006
  • William Rugh
    "a unique and valuable contribution to understanding issues vital to Americans. Its wealth of detail on what Arabs discuss among themselves will help Westerners understand the true nature of Arab media and opinion. Marc Lynch lets us listen to ongoing Arab discussions Westerners rarely hear." - Ambassador William Rugh
  • John Bradley
    "this subtly subversive book will quickly become the focus of what is too often a shrill debate over the role of the Arab media." - Newsweek International, February 20, 2006


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