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October 13, 2006



Hello Mark, FYI I also linked from City of Brass. Well done. I wish this project all the success - you are filling a genuine vaccuum here. I hope the QS brand becomes ascendant quickly so that outfits like MEMRI lose their influence.


Hey aardvark - a byline at the top of each post might be a good idea, especially for a blog with multiple authors?


Good idea. I had just kind of assumed that it would be obvious that anything without a byline was from me, but that probably is not a safe assumption. If I could figure out how to make those cute little icons that they use on livejournal...


I think there's a MovableType plugin that does byline icons. MT and Typepad are compatible on certain levels, so you might be able to use it (or find an equivalent).


Wonderful idea, Prof. Lynch. Congratulations from Cairo.


I posted an entry and linked to you, congratulations!

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