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January 11, 2005


Greg Burgas

God, this is a good book. Possibly my favorite Moore work. Yes, it's a little dated and a little simplistic politically, but it just works. It's not as flashy or self-important as Watchmen (which I love), and it makes its point subtly and beautifully. Lloyd's art is spectacular. I'm sure if I thought about it I could break it down using wildly florid language and what it teaches us about ourselves and the meaning of identity, but I'm not going to. It holds up an ideal, and the ideal transcends petty human desires. The contrast of how V and Evey fight the system and how Rose fights the system and how, ultimately, Finch fights the system are wonderful. Anyway, that's that.


Guy Fawkes was a scapegoat, some historians feel that the whole gunpowder plot was a set up (the way Guy was caught with a match in his hand is kind of suspicious. Also the practice of burning a human effigy on a fire so close to the old celtic festival of Samhain (note that Guy Fawkes was not burned, he was tortured, hung, drawn and quartered and beheaded), is all very pagan, a mock human sacrifice performed for political reasons.

V for Vendetta touches on these themes, most notably in V's bizarre televised speech where he presents himself as a Promethean figure. V for Vendetta is not simply a piece of political propaganda, it presents a mystical view of society in which people are pawns of almost supernatural forces beyond their comprehension. Crowds, political protests and new religions can create a peculiar intoxication. They are exhilerating, confusing, addictive and paranoid. V for Vendetta captures this atmosphere perfectly


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Just yesterday I went to the library and got a copy of the comic. I have to admit though, I'm confused. It would be really nice if someone could help me.
The edition of the comic that I checked out was broken up into three "books". I understood book one and most of book two perfectly. I became lost after V kicked Evey out. I thought he liked her. And then, suddenly she's with this other guy. And then she's at a club. And then she's in a concentration camp.
And then she's back a V's place.
Was it all just an illusion? What is a Vendetta anyway?
Help. :)



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