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January 03, 2005



I welcome all. Forgive for my English, I do not know it, have helped the program - translator.
Guys, I ask to not delete a theme and to read, it is very important for me. Forgive for a spam, I was helped by my familiar advertiser
Those who LIKED and LOVES, will understand me, probably.
I with the girl saved 2 years of money for the first payment for an apartment, have collected 15 thousand euro. Yesterday, when has gone to firm to agree about the credit, at me have stolen a bag with cash.
At me not so good past, earlier played a casino much. The girl already 2 times left me because of it. She has given me last chance. If I shall tell, that at me have stolen our money, for anything will not believe.
I addressed in some banks, but to me have given up in credits for such sum, as the small salary.
I very much love the girl, therefore I address to strangers at forums. In fact if everyone read will help even one dollar, I can collect the necessary sum till Tuesday.
Who loved those and suffered - will understand me.

Below the reference to my essential elements, my company has allowed to lay out on a site.

Guys, help, who than can, very much you I ask.

Here my contacts for communication(connection).


icq: 755957
e-mail: advix@bk.ru
+79037207877 (mobile)
+78124617793 (domestic)
Russia, Saint Petersburg, street Pavlovskaya, 52-70
My name Sergey. Thanks huge to everyone who will respond.


Bank name ZAO Citibank (Moscow)
Corr account 36087478
Corr bank Citibank N.A., New York
SWIFT address CITIUS33
Account 40817840630171192455
Sergey Maltsev


Bank name ZAO Citibank (Moscow)
Corr account 5520800
Corr bank Citibank London
Account 40817978930331075531
Sergey Maltsev


Russia, Saint-Petersburg
Maltsev Sergey Vasil'evich
passport: 4005473964


Please help me to find it http://www.acidjet.org/ice/ in google
but it can be in down

PS help me +)


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Write that interests, I will answer.
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If she wished to senses, he became even hands and squeezed to taller than the one.
And past the people her until he felt together, united as one, relief in his gaze.


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Prompt please where it is possible to take a treatment for an hepatitis?
In advance thanks.


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Great site=) Is it wordpress??


Great site=) Is it wordpress??



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I've never enough of a comic book fan to have read secondary commentary on the subject except when I happen to come across a post on a book I've read while purusing my usual set of political blogs.

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Jessica Beagley, a 36-year-old mother of six, was charged with misdemeanor child abuse in an Anchorage, Alaska courtroom today. She was not present at the arraignment. Her attorneys entered a plea of not guilty.


Greetings friends! At me a problem with the computer, at start it peeps and isn't started. What to me to do?


The astronaut husband of wounded Rep. Said his wife would be "very comfortable" with his decision to go back into space and he expects her to be at his launch in April.

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