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December 30, 2008



Strengthening ties with Hamas strengthens Hizbollah which in turn provides additional opportunity for mischief from Syrian factions.

Jordan's response is quite sane.


Jordan worrisome, Egypt scary.

Tens of thousands in the the streets the last couple days, the MB supporting Nasrallah as he calls to open Rafah by force, talk of massive protests on Wednesday, all amid continuous condemnation on al-Jazeera of Egyptian "collusion" in giving a "green light" to the "massacre"...

Meanwhile, Israel readies ground forces for an operation that would undoubtedly weaken Hamas militarily while strengthening it politically (in terms of Palestinian and Arab popular support). Which will leave Egypt backing down from its initially anti-Hamas stance, just as they did with Hizbullah in 2006. But with the MB strengthened, the street riled up, and Mubarak's credibility at an all time low, will the ruling party be able to ride out the repercussions simply by painting Hamas as an Iranian surrogate?

Easy to empathize with Israeli desire to retaliate strongly against rocket attacks. But hard to understand short sightedness of politicians who play into extremist hands by doing so.


If the deception attempted by Tsahal was undetected by Jordan's intelligence, then that is sufficient reason to relieve the senior intelligence officer.


Would like to mention the efforts of norwegian surgeon Mads Gilbert and his team. They are creating a humanitarian channel through Egypt as I write this. Got negotiated with the Egyptians this morning.


Jordan has a problem... They allowed the US to train and equip a Fatah army in their country since the ascension of Hamas as the government of Gaza.

That puts them right in the middle of it.

Anne in Amman

An American living in Amman here. Indeed, anti-Americanism is already on the rise here, and I feel it keenly. And it's not just Israeli flags being burned in the demonstrations, but American flags too.

Helen McElroy

I posted a comment earlier that was not posted because I was commenting on the powerful Jewish lobby. Shame on you, I will not return to your censored by way of DC blog. I will also not recommend your site and blog to others.

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