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December 31, 2008



I get real tired of this “XXX cannot be destroyed” bit. Of course XXX can, but it requires the sufficient and correct application of force to do so. The Union defeated the Confederacy’s will to fight not by defeating its armies but by cutting its soft underbelly, making it clear that it didn’t need to defeat armies to destroy the slave-system. The Germans' will to fight was sapped by two disastrous wars, lost territory, and a forty-year division of the nation.

And before, or even as, the Confederacy and Nazism fell its propagandists were making noise about how they could “never be defeated”. Wars aren't decisively won by PR.

In my opinion, there is no way that Israel could be so successful at air strikes unless it had inside information from the Arabs of Gaza themselves. Many of them detest the Jewish State, but they despise Hamas as an oppressor, and have made their alliances accordingly. Halting the offensive now would be a kind of betrayal of the hopes of these Arabs. If they can have the opportunity to arm and organize themselves in the wake of the Israeli offensive, what kind of chance does Hamas have of survival?


Marc, for you




why no focus on what US foreign policy should be here? Especially with the incoming Obama administration. You were all gaga about what Obama should do on uncontroversial topics such as Iraq, so why do you totally ignore this one? If he is such a visionary as you claim then what is his plan going to be here?


Israeli actions must be viewed in the context. Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt had each killed many more Palestinians than Israel had in sixty years.


Solomon2 wrote: " Halting the offensive now would be a kind of betrayal of the hopes of these Arabs".

So, there you have the 'wisdom of Solomon'. All the deprivation, terror, murder, and such, that the all in Gaza, whatever their respective political position must be experiencing, for themselves, and their families, must go on so Israel does not betray Arabs in Gaza.

Delusional, utterly delusional. How can we give Israel a dime, one dime, of our money is beyond me.


jonst, when Hamas took over the Gaza they threw some of their Fatah opponents off rooftops; others had their legs cut off. Is it so difficult to imagine that ordinary Gazans hate Hamas much as ordinary Iraqis hated Al-Qaeda? We can all see how Iraq has turned out, once Iraqis decided to team with Americans to root out their terrorists. So why isn't it possible that Gaza could have a similar bright future?


In order to save Gaza, it has to be destroyed.

Or was that Lebanon?


Interesting how the myth that Hamas broke the ceasefire is all pervading.

In fact Israel broke it.



Regardless of "who" started the current slaughter of the Gazan people, it has been within Israel's power for the past 60 years to do the right thing and abide by international resolutions and give Palestinians their land back, and assist in the establishment of a viable state alongside them.

Thus Israel's intentions are clear - they do not want peace, do not want to make the necessary reparations and concessions to enable this. They want all the land and their actions should be seen in this light.


Yes, Solomon, we all see how "things turned out in Iraq". I think it safe to argue Solomon, that the people of Gaza hated the Israeli govt (I am being most optimistic here Solomon, in limiting the hatred to to the govt)BEFORE this latest episode began. And I think it safe to say they will hate with even more passion now.


"Hate" is O.K. if it means one stays alive and isn't being attacked. It isn't very useful to be loved by your neighbor only because of his satisfaction that he killed you dead!

Ellis Goldberg

Al-Jazeera's logo for covering the war is "Gaza taht al-nar" so I think that's pretty clear. You might want to write more about the actual coverage. I thought the interview with Farouk Qaddoumi where the Jazeera interviewer more or less kept rolling his eyes as Qaddoumi repeated the old 60s cliches revealing. I've also found the actual coverage by their reporters on the ground riveting. A half hour interview with the General Secretary of the Islamic Jihad Movement was revealing in a different way. Perhaps you have more to say about the tv coverage. I'd love to read it. Also are you following the coverage in Al-Misri al-Yawm?


YES Israel broke the cease fire...so why is abu aardvark allowing this lie to appear in his post? All he sdoing is perpetuating it.


Israel also broke a ceasefire in 2006, when it shelled Gaza beach then blamed the deaths of civilians on the beach on Hamas!

Israel has been coddled for so long by the 'International Community' that lying has become a habit.

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