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November 21, 2008



Will any of the papers from the Saudi panel be available online? I'd love to go to that one, except for the fact that I'm actually in Saudi now...


Sounds like a great meeting Marc, I would of loved to attend, but unfortunately cannot cancel office hours on such short notice. International relations, political Islam, and globalization are areas of great interest to me. What is the best way to learn about these events in advance?

Joshua Simeon Narins

Monarchies are just despotisms with a couple generations of dynasticism thrown in.

And even though your average, educated, 1st century Judean would have been aware of Greek progress in the field of democracy, a particularly popular Galilean never critiqued the "O.T.'s" (Old Testament, a.k.a. Tanakh) rigid adherence to the principle which turned Charles V's empire into the increasingly incompetent regimes of Philips II, III and IV.

Brian Ulrich

I hate formal sessions.

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