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August 26, 2008



lol, funny. Well, the Democrates proved last night that they're in the kindergarten stage of political conventions, so harmless.


Ali, as a former political operative for the other team I could not disagree with you more.

The biggest mistake the republicans made in 2006 was running the same partisan race they ran in 2004. I worked on both.

In '06 the republicans ran a motivate and turn out the base, metrics focused campaign. Their message suffered and was much less effective even as they turned up the volume of voter contacts.

To simplify that, they were flooding independents and swing voters with hard republican messages that took for granted that these people supported the president/republicans message they were already sick of. This turned the middle against Team Elephant and they walked away in droves. The Republicans squeezed more votes out of their strongholds than they did in '04 but they did it at a cost of alienating the middle and soft R's.

They thought this strategy would work b/c there were very few swing voters in '04 but they fundamentally underestimated how much the electorate had changed in regard to their views of the republican message and the president.

No one in the republican establishment has disavowed the Rove model that was so successful in it's day. No one realizes those elections are over.

My point is, I'm loving the Dem convention. I would vote for Mark Warner twice. They are savvy to be catering to the middle. Hard Dems are not going to win this election for them, the uber liberal Obama has them in the bag. They need the blue collar Hillary dems, the fringe dems and the independents and that's exactly the kind of convention they're running. As much as I hate them, I'm applauding them.

I can't wait till the same people I know at Team McCain do the same things they've been taught and run the kind of convention we expect and get a '06 result. I love 'em, but they gotta wake up.

Leila Abu-Saba

Hah, I sympathize, having done K 1st day 2x. It's always a big deal, and if they change schools, it starts all over again. First day of camp. First day of afterschool program, first overnight away from home, first school trip on large bus to distant amusement park...

I'm sure it will all be fine. Congratulations on this milestone!

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