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July 30, 2008



Why do you do this to yourself, Marc? Why do you set yourself up for a cutdown? When did the IAI ever halt its attacks? How come you make no mention that they've been claiming all sorts of attacks on U.S. soldiers throughout all this time before the "new" offensive?

Linking the IAI's policies to the grumblings of the SOIs is really disingenuous. Carefull, pretty soon you'll have to back-up your proclamations with knowledge, and then too many people may hear that hollow din.


It seems to me the Islamic Army is probably sensing a turn in the tide, even if prematurely. After all, the US cannot go back and repeat the Surge. The Surge has been tried, with whatever success it has had, but that is it. Finito.

Andrew R.

I'm skeptical. It wasn't even a year ago that al-Douri announced his spiffy new reconstituted Ba'ath Party that was going to chase out the Americans, march triumphantly into the Green Zone, and then institute a new government. This new and improved Ba'ath Party even magnanimously offered the Americans a chance to withdraw to spare themselves the ignominy of their defeat.

The next few months didn't exactly match up with the pronouncements of al-Douri et al. I have a feeling that we're going to see similar results this time around.


The immortal Kazimi...always seeking attention, like a high schooler. The "I was a Chalabi lapdog" label isn't cutting it anymore.

Crude Analysis

Not related to this post, but where has Vice President Hashemi been recently? Abdul-Mahdi and Talabani met on July 23 and agreed to reject the provincial elections law and called Hashemi who was reportedly in Turkey at the time. They both said then that they would wait to hear what his opinion was on the law until he got back. Despite not mattering at that point, haven't heard from him since. And then this past Wednesday he was noticeably missing from the five-party meeting between Maliki, Talabani, Abdul-Mahdi, Barzani, and Hakim. Is he still hanging out in Turkey and it's not worth looking too far into?

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