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June 24, 2008


St├ęphane Lacroix

Marc and Thomas - sorry for the late reaction!
The MB has traditionally existed as an independent network within the Saudi Sahwa - and I have met several persons claiming to be affiliates of the Saudi MB while in the kingdom.
During the last few decades, however, many consider that the Saudi MB have lost their ideological specificity, and have drawn much closer to the mainstream salafi trend found in the Sahwa - to the extent that they have become pretty indistinguishable. This is, I suppose, what al-Hubayyil means when he writes that the "the MB peacefully and voluntarily liquidated itself".
The criticism formulated here by al-Hubayyil is quite common among the young generation of Saudi MB sympathizers, who consider the current context (post-9/11 widespread criticism of salafism/wahhabism, etc...) as favorable to the emergence of the MB as a religious alternative in Saudi Arabia. However, these calls for an "MB renewal" haven't yet led to any significant change in the Saudi political-religious sphere.

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