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June 23, 2008



Al-H's staff needs to shower more. It really turns people off. No, I'm not kidding. It's easier to write bad things about people who smell bad.

john brown

The below, while written several years ago, might be of interest to persons following the debate about Al Hurra.


Ghurab al-Bain

Strange to see the MSM come so late to an issue which had been explored quite well and argued by Abu Aardvark, Arabic language media and even the USG internally. But who will forget those heady days when Al-Hurra seemed to act like Michel Aoun TV, at the US taxpayers expense? Or marvel at the Al-Hurra Iraq staff made up exclusively of Islamists from Al-Da'wa and SCIRI? Or squirm to see Tomlinson and Pattiz at the Broadcasting Board of Governors defend imaginary ratings and broadcast decisions made in a language neither one understood? Too bad because there are some decent journalists still at Al-Hurra, who've always tried their best despite the circumstances.

Ashraf al-Halabi

Marc Lynch, Ambassador to Iraq?

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