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May 28, 2008



I'm very excited that you're in Amman :) looking forward to your panel presentation on Friday, and would love to sit and chat if you have time before, during, or after the conference. I'm pretty sure your schedule is full, but if you're free and would like to meet up, drop me a line!


welcome back!

i'll just interrupt whatever conversation you end up having with lina. i'm good at that.


Thank you for being willing to travel so far to participate! I attended the Global Youth Dialogue in Rabat last spring and really enjoyed having such a forum for talking about democracy. May this incarnation produce a good discussion and as many new friendships as ours did.

Brian Ulrich

My Amman travellers' topographical knowledge was thrown completely off when they closed the Abdali bus station last fall.


See page 1 of the Jordan Times today... I also had trouble roaming in Jordan the past couple of days, and wonder if it's to do with this SIM card registration business..

Mohammad Azraq

Thank you so much Professor Lynch, it was really wonderful to meet you , our presentation was very rich and informational add so much to the panel, all the best, and I hope I will see you at some point again!

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