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April 21, 2008



AA - one of the aspects you don't mention is the Iranian ambassador's extraordinarily undiplomatc and public statement of support for the Maliki Govt's actions in Basra? Surely this couldn't have been unrelated to the Kuwait meeting, given the timing?

Mark Pyruz

Maliki totally cutting off his only real source of leverage to the occupying power? Unthinkable.


And how does al-Zawahiri's recent statement(to the extent it can be clearly associated with al-Zawahiri) seemingly criticizing Iran's 'collaboration',(my word)with US 'aggression', (again, my word)in Iraq, play into all that has happened this week?


Martin K

From a european pov, its tragically funny: The US bestest potential friend is their enemy. Ouch. US and Iran have co-relating security interests.


Why the seemingly drastic change in Rubaie's comments regarding Iran's influence in Iraq in the span of 4 days? Is he just more angry at the Iranians today than he was on Saturday? Did something major happen since then that would explain his harsher stance?
[Source: Al-Sharqiyah TV, 0700 gmt 23 Apr 08]
"Iraqi National Security Adviser Muwaffaq al-Rubay'i directed strong accusations at Iran on exporting death to Iraq by training and equipping militias, supporting the Al-Qa'idah [Organization], and facilitating the entry of suicide bombers and weapons into Iraq. In statements to newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat, Al-Rubay'i said that Iran's final goal is to have a sectarian government loyal to Iran ruling Iraq. This motivates Iran to support all sides and even the Al-Qa'idah Organization, although Tehran is detaining almost 100 of its key leaders. Al-Rubay'i added that Iran refuses to provide the Iraqi Government with information on the Al-Qa'idah Organization that might help in tracing the organization's elements inside Iraq."

[Source: Al-Sharqiyah TV, 1615 gmt 19 Apr 08]
Asked if Iran's cooperation in combating terrorism has improved, Al-Rubay'i says: "I think there have been positive signs from the Islamic Republic of Iran in the past 10 months in tightening the grip around those who bring weapons and provide it to the militias. I also think that some of the Iranian support for some armed groups has greatly decreased. However, I believe Iran should do more than that. Iran plays a positive role in general, but there may be a very big area where it can improve its performance towards Iraq."

Told that according to recent statements by Americans there has been an increase in supplying the militias with weapons by Iran, Al-Rubay'i says: "Ask the American official, why ask an Iraqi official?" Told that he is the national security adviser and knows what is taking place, Al-Rubay'i says: "I have told you that we want a good relationship -friendly and fraternal relations -with the Islamic Republic of Iran. However, on the level of mutual respect and noninterference in the internal affairs of both countries -we assure the Islamic Republic that the agreement on which we are now working with the United States, be it within a strategic framework or the situation of the forces in future is not directed against Iran and does not threaten Iranian national security at all, but at the same time we expect the Iranians to tighten their measures along the border to stop the movement of weapons, and seek to pressure their [Iraqi] friends to improve the security situation and to join the government, parliament, and the political process." Asked if Iran's present performance is not at the desired level, Al-Rubay'i says: "I think there is a big area in which Iran can improve its performance in Iraq."

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