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April 03, 2008


Duncan in London

Typical Kagan idiocy, agreed. I can't stand the likes of McCain continually claiming that Iran is the enemy and the Iraqi Government is to be supported at all costs. Why does no one call him out on this ludicrous contradiction? (I fantasise that Obama is saving this to trip him up in the presidential debates, but I fear not).

But I have to ask the question: to what extent is Iran financing and supporting Sadr on the one side and SIIC/Dawa/the Iraqi Government/Badr on the other? And how do they feel about these two movements competing for power? Is that the reason Sadr backed down last week? Is the theory that if they've backed everyone they're sure to end up backing the winner, regardless of the human cost? I'm sure I'm missing something...


Looks like some of the Badr Organization get their pensions from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps: http://www.democracyarsenal.org/2008/04/round-and-round.html (via Matt Yglesias).

Steve Boston

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