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April 18, 2008



last year i predicted US would empty the sunni population from the prisons when they needed them to combat shia militias. i heard recently some 'awakened' members were offered a place in the military if they agreed to fight in sadr city. maybe after the reeducation programs some of that hostility can be directed in the way americans want it to be directed.

not so complicated is it. iraqis killing iraqis. isn't that the mission?


I still don't understand the perspective of folks who believe the amnesty is a good idea. I can't speak for Shiite areas, but basically all of the Iraqis I have seen released from Bucca in my location in Anbar are folks imprisoned for serious violent crimes against CF. Recidivism has been somewhat higher than thirty percent so far -- this week, my unit re-detained several Iraqis released from Bucca last month for triggering an IED three weeks after they got home.

These guys' homecoming was well-planned (banquet put on by local sheikh, stern speech by Iraqi Police, tearful reunion with family members, discussions of reintegration with society). But the bottom-line is, at least for the small sample size in my AO, the released prisoners were committed, dangerous insurgents. Locking them up for a year or two with other like-minded people did nothing to change that.

Nur al-Cubicle

I agree with Annie...it looks like a release of the Sunni prisoners to make room for the Shi'a prisoners...

Nur al-Cubicle

Gee, so much detention room is needed that the US military has decided just to build a 12 ft wall around Sadr City.


cb, the administration seems to be in the middle of switching sides in the war in Iraq. The alliance with sunni guerrillas was clearly a threat to the Shiite government, even if the administration also helps that government terminate a rival political party.


favorited this one, dude

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