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April 24, 2008



I can well believe American influence over the Gulf States and some other Arab governments is not what it once was, but were the decisions reached at this meeting in Kuwait really reflect this?

Perhaps Lynch's account leaves something out, but it sounds as if the Gulf Arabs agreed to nothing that would cost anything or risk anything. That's pretty standard for these governments at any time, isn't it?


What the Gulf Arabs want is stability in Iraq, an Iraqi government that won't threaten them again and a permament US military presence there as a brake on Iranian influence - all without inflaming their respective "streets". That's why they've reined in the Sunni insurgency, surely?


Who can answer my question about diplomatic recognition of Baghdad Government? How many different countries have existing embassies in Baghdad? How many countries extend diplomatic recognition to Maliki's Government of the Green Zone (GOGZ)?

I want an authoritative answer and I will credit and link (blogospheric recognition) to whatever site that gives it to me.


i have to side with zathras Gulf Arabs want stability in iraq


i just want to know how all this is going go with our new president soon

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