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April 09, 2008


Jim Clark

Prof. Lynch:

Will the panel's discussion be preserved in some form that could be accessed later, perhaps by podcast? I try to walk an hour a day, so something of at least that length would be handy. : )

Thanks for all the content you provide here. Much appreciated.


I read with great interest Reidar Visser's paper (Maliki, Hakim, and Iran's Role in the Basra Fighting.)

His presentation of Iran as an actor harmful to the unity of Irak is undoubtedly pertinent. On the other side his presentation of the United States as an actor which takes bad decisions because of bad advices from its partners within the Iraqi government is unconvincing.

Just like Iran, the United States thinks first and foremost in terms of its national interest (or, to be more precise, in terms of what it thinks is its national interest). The sole difference is that Iran is much more subtle.

Best regards

nur al-cubicle

Wayne Wright wroks!


"The War Economy of Iraq" is pretty good. If Bremer had actually bothered to study Iraqi society, he would've found a free-wheeling, free-market, underground economy already in place when he arrived. But of course, Bremer and his CPA apparatchiks weren't there to learn about Iraqi society. They were there to transfer money from Saddam and the American taxpayer to American multinationals.

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