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March 11, 2008



this demonstrated commitment to the democratic game is no small thing and should not be undervalued.

They are willing to win using the democratic process, but do they say that once in office they would be willing to hold an honest election, accept an electoral defeat, and peacefully depart? That is an important measure of true committment to the democratic process.

As for the aid issue, I've talked to Egyptian "reformers" who argue that increasing, decreasing, or keeping U.S. aid at the same level are all expressions of U.S. support for Mubarak. It isn't just that different people hold these opinions. What surprised me was that these opinions were all held by the same person! Clearly, whatever the U.S. says or does or is reported to say or do on this matter will be interpreted negatively. So we might as well drop support for Mubarak and save money, if nothing else!


A very powerful post Prof. Lynch. I know you already have too much to do, but why don't you craft that into an Op-Ed for the WaPo or NYTimes? This is a perspective that doesn't get any play but that needs to be heard.


I dunno, I just sorta figured that after the Gaza elections our government has said, "Never again."


Very interesting stuff on the MB -- and absolutely right that, whatever the 'ambiguities' that remain, and however much one would want to see them go further *in practice* on things like women's equality withink the MB itself, they seem to have been doing all that one might reasonably expect as a signal of commitment to democracy (unlike the NDP).

But if I can put in a request: could you say something about the strikes and about the relationship between the MB and strikers, both 'working class' ones such as at Ghazl al-Mahalla, and the 'middle class' groups from Kifaya to more recent additions like Doctors Without Rights and University profs?
There is precious little about this in the non-Arabic language press.

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