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March 03, 2008



This is not Ammar Al-Hakim, this Abdul-Al-Aziz the father


of course it is - sorry about that.


Thanks for doing the work to put together this very useful review, Abu A. Cheers!


Yes, very good review. Took me back 27 years to Sept 1980 when Iraq invaded Iran with the intention of annexing the southern Iranian oilfields along with the Iranian Shia Arab population. Will never forget my disgust when the United States failed to condemn the invasion and did not insist on a UNSC resolution demanding Iraq withdraw.

The ensuing 8 year war was one of the most awful on record: Iran desperately recruiting child soldiers to kill themselves on the Iraqi laid minefields, and Iraq using chemical weapons and mustard gas on the Iranians and its own Kurdish people. Iraq all the while being heavily armed by the French and the Russians while the US cynically prolonged the conflict for as long as possible. The ultimate Kissinger "realism".

Nine months after the conflict started, Israel bombed out Iraq's French built nuclear reactor which Saddam was going to use to develop nuclear weapons. This was the not only time that Israel helped Iran out, as those who remember Contragate would know and I'm sure there have been many unpublicised dealings between Israel and Iran while the Baath were still in power.

Now we fast forward to 2008 and Saddam and his cronies have been executed for their war crimes, the Baath Party has been abolished, and Iraq has a democratic constitution and a representative democracy elected on proportional representation - all courtesy of the United States. And an Iranian president has made the first ever visit to Iraq to be welcomed by a Kurdish President.

Truly a momentous day for Iraq, Iran and the US. In some not-so-small way the US has paid reparation for the blood left on its hands after its cynical machinations between 1980-88.

Nur al-Cubicle

Saw this item too, in L'Orient-Le Jour (Lebanon)

"Dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi, le président iranien est, par ailleurs, allé prier dans le quartier de Kazimiya à Bagdad, au mausolée de l’imam chiite très vénéré, Kazem. Prière durant laquelle le président iranien, connu pour sa piété, n’a pu retenir ses larmes."

Late Sunday night the Iranian President went to pray at the mausoleum of the highly venerated Imam Kazem in Baghdad's Kazimiya quarter. During the visit, the pious head of state was unable to hide his tears.

Mark Pyruz

BB: good comment. I would just add that eight months before the Israeli Air Force hit Iraq’s nuclear reactor, in 1980 the Iranian Air Force pounded that very same target.

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