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February 11, 2008


Abu Muqawama

I interviewed Jakob Skovgaard-Peterson following the cartoon riots and found him to be highly impressive and thoughtful.


I think very highly of Skovgaard-Petersen also. And John Bowen. Sounds like a great panel!


As a Turkish citizen, I will be there definitely. Today, Turkish academia is divided into three ideological camps over headscarf (turban issue). Briefly speaking, the mottos' of these academic camps are:

1) We don't want girls with headscarf in Turkish universities.

2) We want girls with headscarf in Turkish universities.

3) The government should have considered the headscarf issue as a subtitle of a broad reform program which opens doors for other liberties.

On Thursday, I am going to make it public which camp I'm supporting.

Alaphia Zoyab

Oh thanks! I was going to attend something on HIV in India but this sounds more interesting!


Petersen is out, it looks like Bowen will be giving the luncheon address.

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