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February 21, 2008


Sondos Asem

thanx Mark,
we are all saddened for his sudden absence. it's really a loss to see him behind bars.he is an intellectual and human rights activist above all
eng. khaled was inspirational for almost all Muslim Brotherhood bloggers, he was the voice of moderation and tolerance within the brotherhood after the detention of Khalirat El Shater.
i pray for him and all other prisoners of conscience to be released and to receive justice.


Khaled's contributions and efforts will not go in vain. We will continue our mission and expose the Egyptian regime's oppressions and its constant aggressions on human rights and the freedom of its citizens no matter what the sacrifices are. Please support us by continuing to visit our website www.ikhwanweb.com. The site is going through some technical difficulties which are slowing it down a bit while our contingency plan is being implemented after Khaled's arrest. Please speak up for Khaled and join us in the campaign to release all prisoners of conscious from the jails of the Egyptian regime. Visit Khaled's blog at http://khaledsalam.blogspot.com/ and read most of Khaled's latest articles. Thanks for your support.
Ikhwanweb editorial team
Cairo/London/New York



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