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February 08, 2008


Andrew R.

I wonder if the answer to the question is as simple as that Sadr might be a genuine patriot who is also something of a thug. I mean, the JAM cease-fire was pretty much a unilateral thing that happened under his initiative, and ISTR there are hotly-denied rumors* that elements of the JAM have been working with MNF-I to weed out the more overtly Iranian elements of the militia.


*There are times when I really wish I read Arabic.

Eric Martin

Thanks for linking to this Prof. I jumped on your delicious link earlier this morning.


The report was interesting but it failed to add something radically new. Perhaps what was most shocking is that the Mahdi Army militants themselves are eager to scrap the ceasefire and there have been demonstrations insulting Sadr inside Sadr City.

If eventually the Mahdi Army comes back to arms as seems to be happening, it would have been a blunder of historic proportions by the US and Iraqi government.

LT Nixon

Interesting insight. Thanks for sharing. Things seem to change in Iraq pretty fast and it's pretty hard to stay on top of everything.

Tommy Moore

The Independent's Patrick Cockburn has a book on Muqtada Sadr that could be interesting coming out in a few months.

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