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January 04, 2008



Congratulations McCain!

He's got the big mo heading into the Granite State!


Here in Germany it has quite often been reported that Obama's foreign policy views are mainly shaped by Harvard Professor Samantha Power. Or is that being exaggerated?
Anyway, congratulations to him!


It was quite predictable that the 'momentum effect' of winning Iowa would not really transfer to NH. Obama, is a great candidate for presidency, but Clinton seems to be a candidate with two heads on one shoulder with Bill by her side. It's interesting to see Clinton winning the NH. Maybe it's the difference in the percentage of young voters between Iowa and New Hampshire that tilted to balance away from Obama?


All I can think about is Bush and how so many regret their decision now. Hilary should not be our next President. I don't want THE PRESIDENT being ridiculed by anyone and you can't turn on the T.V. without someone criticising Bush. I think it has to be either Obama or Edwards.
People talk so much about change and putting a doer in Office. We need to take some personal responsibility and be a doer. This Decision is way to important to be undecided. This is life we're talking about. This person will affect our everyday life. The President is a position of power and people will say and do ( Crying ) anything to get your vote to have that power. Don't be fooled by what is said in a campaign thats what has to be done by some to get your vote. Enough with the big names. IF WE WANT WANT CHANGE THEN LET'S CHANGE!!!!!!
DON'T BE UNDECIDED! Our Country can't afford to be slick talked by these people anymore. I have two BEAUTIFUL boys that i refuse to let live in a world of Debt, Gang Violence, Racism, and TERRORISM. I Refuse to leave my children this world of UNBEAREABLE burdens.

Really I think Bill wants to redeem himself and his family name through his wife. I also think they are pushing the FEMALE issue for young Chelsea who has been campaigning for mommy. I think we are ready for a female president but this lady is not the one. I hope this inspires more women to run for office but I think we have way to much at stake to settle for hilary. OUR President should not be someone who just wants to be in history. OUR President should not be someone to take office to live a lavish lifestyle and create a future for their child and not mine. The President should not leave Our Country divided while creating division around the world. I want The President to be someone who will help facilitate a place my children and their children can live in that will be PEACEFUL and EQUAL for all not just some.

We AMERICANS do more damge to ourselves than any TERRORIST could. WE have so many ways we choose to divide and seperate ourselves. We need to move past divison and be the UNITED STATES we ALL claim to be. There are AMERICANS starving, homeless, jobless, uneducated, sick, and dying at war as we speak. If we don't UNITE NOW and put a person in office I think we'll find the book of Revelations a reality.

Don't be undecided. Your family and mine depend on ME AND YOU to be responsible with this so tremendously important decision.

I'm a hard working AMERICAN. I serve The COUNTRY everyday. I go to sleep at night hoping and praying to God with all my might for a better tommorrow. I want so much more for my children than I ever had as like so many others. I feel we can't even consider electing hilary. How can we be so smart in so many areas under the sun and elect people who abuse our military, participate in sex scandels, and have their own personal agendas. Why can't we see someone seeking power and fame until after they have cheated us. My kids or yours don't deserve that.

I refuse to let them down. I refuse to fail...

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Kivanc Ozcan

Without any doubt, if I was the US citizen, I would vote for Obama. In my opinion, if he is elected, his efforts will decrease the tension in the Middle East. Of course, after Iraqi invasion, anti-Americanism in the region is not going to disappear easily (it shouldn't be!). But Obama's peaceful tone may bring perceptional changes towards the US in the region.

Nowadays, I am laughing at the speculations about Obama's religious views. Is he Muslim or Christian? To be honest I do not care what he thinks on religion but we should care what the Middle Eastern people are going to think about these speculations. I think some speculations are like long term investments!

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