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January 10, 2008



Did you catch the news that Rice is also going on a diplomatic mission?



When are you going to have a media day to eat your words re: Brett Favre ;)


I have been eating them all season... I'm sorry Brett, I was wrong. So very wrong.
Thank you!

Anon Ymous

I find it hard to believe that a narcissist such as yourself would be unable to find time on a Sunday to watch himself on television, especially if there was a chance your children were going to make their television debut.


Which shows how well you know me...

Folks who leave hostile comments anonymously on blogs, on the other hand, I think we all know everything we need to know about them.


Amiable Annie

An anonymous, non-hostile comment: I dig this blog.

tim walsh

I'm on the side of anonymous on this one. Why do you think you are the busiest person on the planet? Why do you think you are doing the most interesting/influential work in the academic field of IR on the Middle East? I used to like your blog before you got obsessed with yourself. I see a direct link with your move to Washington D.C. Bring back the old Abu Aardvark!


Thanks for sharing!

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