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January 03, 2008



Check this story out, Marc:


Drima @ The Sudanese Thinker

"but not Qatar?"



bottom line...

FUQ saudi arabia and their B.S. oppressing regime...

they should be put to the dogs as they belong. let the women, students and bloggers run the country. it's guaranteed they'll do a much better job.

any society and oppresses it's people for what the people say in public is no better than that 3rd reich.

any society that punishes a person for being raped is no better than the dogshit that steams on the ground after a nice dump.

the middle east is as retarded and doomed as it can get.

welcome to the real world you gas bags of deceit, lies and corruption now go kill yourselves and do us all a favor.

as i always say, a nuke and a desert equals one nice piece of glass.....

scum sucking pigs that don't deserve the air you breath...the world will crush your little self important ways...you're alone now....you hear the silence when you talk? that's nobody listening because shit doesn't say anything worth hearing!
(it just smells almost as bad as ur turbins and homes)

Helena Cobban

Actually, the Gulf states have never been on board the Bush administration's agenda re combating or even isolating Iran. I wrote this in an opinion piece for the CSM reported from the region this time last year, and have remarked on it on my Just World News blog and elsewhere for more than a year now.

Sadly, none of this actual reporting on how the people and rulers of the Arab states view these matters made much impact on the wilfully deaf discourse inside Washington DC (aka the self-referential bubble.)

Wouldn't it be nice to think decisionmakers in Washington had an interest in what the people outside the US actually think, and how the 6 billion people who are not US citizens see the world? We can live in hope...

saeed uri

Really I think a giant change happened with the Saudis after Annapolis and the settlement construction in E. Jerusalem. Once they noticed that the whole "peace meeting" was a huge farce, the idea of an end to the occupation anytime soon, coming out of DC, was destroyed.
They really understand how big of an issue the Palestinians are in the Arab/Islamic world, and they have probably learned about from the Persians themselves (considering who is more popular in egypt), with this we have also seen the warming of relations between hamas and some arab countries.
Well it could be because i am palestinian and all roads end in jerusalem but i seriously think annapolis has become a turning point in arab american relations.


I am glad to see this happening actually. I am no genius but I spent a lot of time studying the history of the Arab's and their region since WWI over at the British National Archive site. What I learned convinced me that it was only going to be a matter of time and amount of damage until the Arab states had no choice but to move closer together, however uneasy their allience may be, to prevent any more US caused chaos and instabliity in their region.
I see this as a good thing for them and in the long run for the US. It will force us to adopt a different approach on what we think our interest are in the ME.
Even semi truces might allow them to act in concert on issues of outside meddling and if that effectively kills the Isr'merica dream of making our ward Israel the supreme economic and miliarty power in the ME constantly backed up by the US so much the better.
Balance of power actually means balance and this looks like a better balance to me.

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