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December 01, 2007



Did you try this Typepad widget?


not sure exactly what you mean, but i do know i get a daily del.icio.us roundup -- but only via RSS. not sure if that ends up helping or not.


You do get it on RSS? But it isn't showing up on Bloglines - weird.


googler reader works like a charm. not sure what to tell you from there.


oh, other than i've enjoyed it quite a bit. you do pull some nice stories, and the short commentary provides wonderful context.


I think you want Del.icio.us to generate a post for your blog not your RSS feed. I've had zero luck doing this on my blogger blog but I can get a generated post to appear on my RSS feed. But there is competition between Google (owner of Blogger) and Yahoo (owner of Del.icio.us), which is probably at least part of the reason.

For your purposes on Typepad, have you gone into your del.icio.us account and clicked "settings" (top right). Then look to the right in the "blogging" column then the last option "daily blog posting."

Then you fill in the parameters, these are a little tricky and may take a little trial 'n error and googling (or use Yahoo! search for for you typepad users :).

The "out_URL" or "XML-RPC interface" part is the most confusing to me.

I'd be happy to provide additional help as a modest payment for your excellent blog... if you haven't already figured out this problem.


email if you'd like


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