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December 25, 2007



I think you are reading too much into this, Hashemi is not a major player on the Iraqi political arena, Kurds will not replace their alliance with the strong Iranian backed shiats for Hashemi who is not backed openly by any of the major players in the region, also the kurds are not in any position to make moves that could upset the Iranians or the Americans especially with the Turks at their door steps, on the other hand any new political alignment without the shiats will have no chance of serviving, so why would the kurds align them selves with Hashemi?

Umm LOL Cats

Its kind of weird that Sunnis and Kurds are reported in the media as if they are two mutually exclusive groups.


Yet another glimpse of the vibrant political manouvring going on in Iraq's Sunni constituency at this time. Marc, going by your archives you were very dismissive of the Awakening from the beginning and continually provided "evidence" debunking Abu Risha up until and after his assassination? But isn't it clear now that the Awakening movement has assumed significant status in the Sunni Arab spectrum providing an alternative centre of gravity to the old/Baathist/Saddamist/Sunni jihadist network that held sway from 2003 to mid 2007? It would be good to have an analysis as to why the awakening movement turned out to have so much more longevity and influence than you apparently expected at the time it first emerged on the scene?


America moves closer to Sunni, some Sunnis, anyway. Kurds allied (frictions not withstanding... but hey, there are frictions in marriages, never mind alliances) with Americans. Kurds follow (lead?)Americans in this direction. Lining up against Iran. Devil, as always, in the details and objectives of various groups


Have they really decided that now is the time to bury the hatchet for good? I could hope that Al Sharq and Al Jazeera are both right - in the sense that it's a message to Maliki that his days are numbered and a democratic process is underway for Iraq to obtain a new and functioning government.

Too bad no one seems interested in eliminating the corruption that Maliki legalized.


bb --

The Awakening movement IS the old/Baathist/Saddamist/Sunni jihadist network that previously held sway. The only thing that's changed is we're now paying them to leave us alone rather than trying to kill them, which was much more costly in both blood and treasure.


فى اعتقادى بان التحالف السنى الكردى سيستفيد منه الطرفان على الصعيد الداخلى و الخارجى فهو سوف يعيد ترتيب الاوراق داخل العراق كما سيضع انماط جديده فى الحكومه العراقيه القادمه ولا ننسى بان الاكراد على المذهب السنى
كل عام و انتم بخير
تحياتى ابو مفراح

I believe that the alliance would benefit from Sunni Kurdish parties at the inner and the outer It will restore order in the securities within Iraq will also put new patterns in the coming Iraqi government should not forget that the Kurds to the Sunni doctrine


these fight must over in oreder to win this battle...its the doctrine that separates them, but its also their choice to decide whether it's worth the battle..

nur al-cubicle

I wonder if Turkey's threats had anything to do with this reconciliation. Rather than just pounding PKK positions, Turkey looks to me as if it is warning against any attempt to form an independent Kurdish state.

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