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November 14, 2007



Hey Marc - Have you been following the MB blogs lately? Al-Arian out of favor, bloggers up in arms about the new platform, and the shebab's short-lived "Ikhwan Offline" site (now actually offline) to counter the line put forth by Ikhwan Online? Would be curious to hear your thoughts if you get a chance to sift through the blogs. Too early to tell, but from here it looks like the old guard has discarded this little experiment with democracy and human rights and has gone back to what the Brothers have always been about: first and foremost, Islam.


Hey, that's my talk! It's too soon to make the call that you are, though. Akef personally intervened to get Ibrahim Houdabyi's rebuttal to the conservatives published on Ikhwan Online - the battle is still on.

Saeed Uri

Hey, I will be there!

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