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November 26, 2007


Aaron R

The classic line:

But enough about me - what do YOU think of me?


How about the 10-1 Packers going against the 10-1 Cowboys this Sunday? OK, maybe that's not shocking, but if they win, I might have to pay a visit to my local drycleaners.....(http://abuaardvark.typepad.com/abuaardvark/2007/09/dry-cleaners-al.html)

Now I have to find me a good sports bar here in Cairo...


none of them are shocking.

Eric Martin

How about the 10-1 Packers going against the 10-1 Cowboys this Sunday?

Even more shocking: It's not on Sunday at all...they play...Thursday!!!!

(cue ominous crescendo)


Stupid NFL network.
I vote that professor Lynch start posing with stacks of Euros for all of his official photos now.


Ha ha! Thanks Eric!


The real purpose of the Annapolis conference is to demonstrate support and bolster Mahmoud Abbas in the ongoing clash with Hamas. Both Bush and Olmert have bet the ranch on Abbas and if Hamas wins out, they will be left not only with egg on their faces but a disaster of monumental proportions. We've been down this road before in betting the ranch on the Shah of Iran and we see how that turned out.`This is in addition to the fact that Bush and Olmert aren't in much better shape then Abbas is (there is speculation in the Israeli press that Olmert may be indited for corruption after the conference).


NOOOOOO! Do NOT mention the Packers in public! If you talk about it, the mirage will evaporate. Look- a purple hippo!

Eric Martin

Here, here on the stupidity of the NFL Network. And my cable provider for not carrying it. Though the local bars sure are happy to have my extra biz. Might be harder for you in Cairo than it will be for me in NYC though...good luck!


Ah, fond memories of Jay-Z and his massive stacks of money. Have to admit I loved Money Ain't a Thang just as i was beginning to seriously follow the politics of the region. So woot for Jay-Z.

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