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November 06, 2007



Reminds me of Bush's visit to San Diego during the fires...

tin foil

His security do not have uniforms? Is this the Iraqi division of blackwater?


GR8 Post! I'll be linking it!

Eric Martin



I can't find this anywhere else in English, can anyone help me out or is this a total blackout?


Yohan - the links above include AFP and Reuters, just scan through them.


Wasn't it Saddam Hussein that came up with this particular stunt? Remember, just before the invasion, how he took a stroll around Baghdad to show that everything was cool, or safe, or something? I think McCain stole that idea from Saddam and Maliki just fell for it again.
Or am I not remembering the pre-invasion days very well? Could be.

anna missed

This is all so ridiculous, a bit like taking the World Wrestling Federation seriously. Why don't they just rent a movie studio and some actors in costumes and be done with it.


Thank you Prof. Lynch for pointing that out. Are there any English-language references to Maliki's repudiation/ridicule of national reconciliation?

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