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October 19, 2007



"I hate the Red Sox"

That's a terrible thing to say!


Quite the prestigious presenter list, reminds me of my undergrad reading list. You're going to so many conferences and lectures, will there be any time left for blogging? And why weren't you invited to speak at Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week at GWU?! Perhaps Horowitz won't overlook you next year!


Professor Lynch, the Sox are up 10-1 right now. If I see Eric Gagne coming to the mound in a couple hours, and find out that you decided to attend your conference instead of taking his place in the bullpen, I will be very disappointed.

Otherwise, hope all is well.


I'd like to remind everyone that Islamo-Fascism is not the only fictional threat we face. October 22-26 is also Bigfoot Awareness Week.

Please support your local anti-giantopithecus blacki events, and let the world know that you will not be a victim of his reign of terror.

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