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October 01, 2007



Does that mean class is canceled this week???


No, I teach you cats and then get on an airplane - you can start breathing again now!


ahh... I guess that means I won't get away with not writing another response paper this week.

Well I hope you're at liberty to discuss this adventure in class. Word certainly got around quickly about this most recent post. Rumors were floating around about where you were going and, of course, if class was canceled.

I speculate Iraq or Egypt. Bush either got word that this Abu Aardvark creature might have some good advice, or Mubarak died, and they want you to help figure out how to ensure that Egypt doesn't explode.


Think bigger: heard anything about Jay-Z or Eminem going into the studio lately? Notice who's guest-starring on Heroes this season?
Anyway, the real moral of the story is... write your response papers!


Class starts in approximately 20 minutes. I guess it's about time to get started on that response paper.

minik peri

nice site..

Aaron R

I'm glad that the extra-academic dalliances of your professors are never an excuse to miss work. My old professor would ensure my work was on time while he was traipsing around West Africa by having the secretary date-stamp it. Such is life.

AbdelRahman Ayyash

salam MR Marc
I'm AbdelRahman Ayyash, the Blogger you met in your great trip
I am so Proud to meet you there
and I hope You can come again
:) now I am writing about your trip on my blog
I wish you won't be annoyed about that
salam Prof Marc
best wishes


Looks like the mystery destination is revealed!


It appears that the movement has found itself a new hero. It also looks like they have all the information they need to stop aardvark at the border.


why they are still in the iraq ?
greetings for all

p1648/index.html and http://www.lipsticklesbo.com/?a=510950&p=8&r=5



I'm a noob here. And it seems like a sweet place.

I just wanted to give a friendly hello to all of you here.



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