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October 22, 2007



"If the PRIC were recognized...", you'd call it a penis? Freudian slip?


.... ouch. Of course it was supposed to be PCIR.
Pretty funny though!


I got a kick out of it ; )

Andrew R.

Is "We demand Izzat al-Douri back in power, the complete withdrawal of the Americans, the dissolution of the current government, and a pony" an intentionally high opening to start out the bidding, or are they simply that confident in their eventual victory?


Hey Marc, unrelated to this post, but I'm wondering:

What do you think of the idea that there's serious talk about the Kirkuk referendum going on in negotiation attempts right now?


The endorsement of this Council by arch-collaborator Tareq al-Hashemi and other puppets will make many people wonder if it isn't a phoney outfit, after all. It should also be pointed out that the groups that make up this Council, if it is genuine, only represent the moderate wing of the Sunni Islamist Resistance (the AMSI camp). The non-sectarian, Ba'ath-led Jihad and Liberation Front, which enjoys the support of progressive-nationalist organisations opposed to the occupation, represents the broader Iraqi National Resistance.

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