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September 02, 2007



Thanks for this commentary. Disturbing news about Ibrahim Eissa.

It's an interesting paradox. The more incompetent the Mubarak clique at ensuring the succession, the more Gamal has to rely on fearmongering about the Muslim Brotherhood--and the more real social and political cachet they gain. If the seemingly inevitable then happens and they end up taking power, the jihadists will claim credit though they had little or nothing to do with it, in much the same way that Reagan and the American right wing claimed credit for "beating" the Soviet Union. Rather, credit would properly go to the U.S. for continuing to back a horse with a swayback and a bum leg, shoring him up with hard currency despite his obvious inability to do anything like build a lasting multigenerational power base. Given the stupidity and ignorance with which we choose our strongmen, it's like an anti-Darwinian process out there.

But an Egypt ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood is unappealing from several influential points of view, not least in view of the Hamas side of the equation. So in effect, what has begun now among the Egyptian elite is a series of auditions for dictator. Can't imagine the U.S. State department (or OVP) is clapping much thus far.

ab initio


What if Mubarak is actually dead and they can't get Gamal in and the army splits and the Brotherhood come to power.

Will Cheney, Israel and the AIPAC Dems support an invasion?

Anas Elshamy

Hello Mr Abu Aardvark,

I am an Egyptian student in the Faculty of Commerce & Business Administration, Helwan University.

I wrote this article concerning this issue

I hope if you have the chance checking it which surely makes me happy...


Amy H

As of today, Eissa has been arraigned, but not yet formally charged or arrested.


Latest word is that Eissa was interrogated for 7 hours and released for now.

aaron r

A friend visiting me here in Cairo asked me what would happen if Mubarak died. I thought about and said that I could really only see either Gamal doing his thing or the MB doing theirs. He then asked me whether I'd like to be in Cairo when/if it happens....

I'm not sure to either question...what do you think, ya ustaaz, will happen if the Hos-man kicks the bucket? Will it be safe or erupt in riots?

Erwin Rommel

well if mubarak is not dead yet,
Then may be some hero should slay that pagan son of a bitch and send him back to hell

Another Jobless citizen of that bastard nation called the A.R.E

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