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September 14, 2007



It appears the esteemed fellows at National Defense University (that'd be myself) made a slight typo in Mr. Reilly's name.... Robert, not Robery.

Jon Alterman and Michael Hudson will be the other members on your panel, they've confirmed.

Saeed Uri

Sounds good. Hopefully I will be able to meet you there and thank you for all your time you spend on your blog. I do not know which one I will attend yet but hope to meet you soon.


Ala Suftawi: who killed Abu Risha? Could have been anyone
... since he was hated by all honest Iraqis as an obvious American agent. What's brave about taking US money and guns? Real courage would be turning those guns against the occupation.

Is that Suftawi's opinion or yours, Prof. Lynch?


Question: it's Suftawi's opinion, as articulated in his essay published in al-Mesryoon. I thought that was obvious, but maybe it wasn't; added a clarification in the tag.

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