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September 21, 2007



You have seen the future and it's scary as hell. The Iraq adventure has created more regional problems than it has solved and planted seeds of instability all over the place. If Iraq falls to Iran's hegemony it will be more by default than design. The way things are going, time is on Iran's side.

Alterman's words are worth repeating.

It is an international problem, and it will require international cooperation. More refugees will need to be absorbed outside of the Middle East, and lives will need to be put back together. There will need to be extensive screening of migrants, and robust intelligence cooperation. Making all of this work will require leadership, and the United States has not led nearly as much as it needs to.

nur al-cubicle

This one's for you, AA

"As part of a US public diplomacy initiative, and to witness the partnership between the United States and the Middle East on breast cancer research", Laura Bush will travel to the ME in October. Is this some kind of effu? This just can't be serious.

Non-Arab Arab

Ya Abu A: Asad Abu Khalil for a little while now has been talking about a Saudi-Qatari rapproachment that he thinks is going to neuter Al-Jazeera. See his latest here:


I only watch occasionally, I think I might see some hints at what he's saying but can't really judge. Is this something you're watching or have a view on?

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