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August 22, 2007



Having just read Authority vol. 1 recently, I made a brief note about it my sidebar, with a link to your post, last week. I suspect that may be responsible...


Not that Ellis isn't the Internet Jesus or anything.


Maybe you should start teaching comic book politics again. I imagine one problem is that it can be difficult to obtain enough copies of the comics or graphic novels for the entire class.


Hey A2,

FYI, on topic: "More than words: Britain embraces the graphic novel"


Mariam (madas)

Dear Marc,

I am a Jordanian student at Goldsmiths College. I was one of the adinistrators of Jordan Planet. Currently, I am writing my thesis on blogging in Jordan. I am focusing on self censorship.

I have read all your articles about the topic, and i surprises me how subdued the Jordanian blogsphere is, compared the the Bahraini one or the egyptian one. The more i get into this, the more puzzling it is to me. Why are we so afraid?!

I am not sure if you are in England, but if so, I would like to meet with you to get your perspective about this issue, as an expert in the field. Normally, i live in London, but i am in Nottingham at the moment, i would meet with you however, whenever you want and wherever you want, if you give me an appointment.

I really hope to hear back from you soon, since my thesis is due mid September, and i am hoping to get your feedback on board as early as possible.

Thank you


Paul Chadwick

What, not Think Like a Mountain or The Human Dilemma?

Great blog, by the way.

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