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August 27, 2007


Nur al-Cubicle

Hasn't Allawi's shelf life expired? And isn't he the most hated man in Iraq?


I can understand the appeal outside Iraq of an aspiring political leader who consorts with DC lobbyists more than he does with Iraqi death squads. As for democratic aspirations, I think by now it is time we considered the possibility that the level of American sincerity in promoting democracy in Iraq is a somewhat less significant problem than the level of Iraqi interest in the concept.


Whichever PR firm he got, he should trade them for the one Benazir Bhutto has retained. She has the most absurd blog post at Huffington Post, basically portraying herself as the most wonderful person who's ever existed. And almost all of the comments are adoring... I don't think that she could have hoped for such a response in her wildest dreams.


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