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August 06, 2007



Great post as usual Marc. I have to say that I'm no fan of the IAF but I'm not a fan of the government either. I really have no idea whom I despise more at the moment. Each team seems to be stooping lower and lower. The Islamists have perfected the art of political theater in the country and the government is a terrible actor in this play.

As for planning to wreck the elections. I sat down with Zaki a few days before the election for a quick interview and I did get that vibe from him. You can read about it here: http://www.jordan-business.net/magazine/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=182&Itemid=40

Bakhit's statement about Naher El-Bared was so off base that it basically insulted the intelligence of the common Jordanian, and I consider it the biggest thread of his (soon-to-be) undoing. The politics of fear does not work with the Jordanian masses.

What does work is reverse psychology. If instead of attacking the Islamists constantly in hopes of tainting them as pure evil, the government actually encouraged people to vote for them, Jordanians would NOT vote for them. I'm half-joking here of course, but with an emphasis on "half".

This could be the IAF's way of making a sacrifice hit, strategically boycotting a rather insignificant election in hopes of playing on corruption themes and the sympathy votes for the parliamentary elections.

Muhammad G

plz kindly take alook here : http://www.aljazeeratalk.net/portal/content/view/1247/1/



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