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July 10, 2007



I don't know, jihadi rap might be kind of a good workout. Cheesy beats, bloody rhetoric. Imagine a cross between Two Live Crew and Omar Abdel Rahman. Producer: Phil Spector.

On another front, I was reading an article by Abdeljelil Temimi in which he criticizes Braudel rather bitterly for calling the Spanish Moriscos "bandits." Shades of terrorists and freedom fighters, vintage 1568; but more to the point, his complaint pointed up the fact that we have almost no communications from the rebels of Granada--all historiography relies on the Spanish or on consular dispatches. Braudel freely admits that that's where he got the bandit thing from (a Genoese spy writing to the Signoria). What an interesting insurrection this is when the POV of the rebels can be so minutely documented.

James Harrod

Hi Mark

My name is James Harrod and I work for the BBC World Service radio station in London. We have a daily show "World Have Your Say", which is a programme actively encouraging a global conversation.

As part of today's programme we are looking at Al-Qaeda.

We're asking specific questions:

Are we over-estimating or under-estimating the threat of Al-Qaeda?

Following the failed bombings in London and Glasgow, are we blowing the threat of al-Qaeda out of all proportion?

Are we being manipulated by AQ propaganda, or are too many of us in denial about the frightening nature of the worldwide menace? What shows the true face of Al Qaeda - their resurgence in Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza and north Africa....or the recent bungled attempts in London and Glasgow?

I see on your blog you have a very active interest in terrorism issues, and I was wondering whether you'd like to take part in our discussion. We would refer to you as a blogger and name your blog as well.

If you are interested, please e-mail me james.harrod@bbc.co.uk or call on (+44) 20 7 557 0635 and I can call you back.

Many thanks

James Harrod (Producer, World Have Your Say)

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