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July 19, 2007



Assuming that Sunnis actually do organize for political representation, will anybody talk to them...seriously? Sinn Fein in Ireland has been around a long time...but it's still not trusted as a serious negotiating partner. Precisely because it is not taken seriously, it continues to (or at least is believed to) invest in the armed option--which feeds the distrust, in turn. there is no reason to believe, I think, that any of the factions in Iraq will have any more incentive to forego violence against other groups as a viable option even without anyone else involved.

As much as the British experience in Northern Ireland turned out to be unhappy, one does have to wonder if things would have been any more "positive" (whatever that means) for anyone had they pulled out and left the Catholics and Protestants to do as please with each other. Unlike Iraq, Ireland is an isolated piece of real estate that couldn't have caused much damage beyond the immediate vicinity, moreover.


This war given enough pain to both the sides, I guess no one is strongly believe in continuing this war would yield peace in Iraq. So, why not get back the troops and look for the development?
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"What do you expect from any resistance movement whether in Iraq or elswhere,did you really believe Ahmed Chalabi when he told you,Iraqis will welcome you with sweet and flowers and maybe with some cucumber and tomatoes.
Off course,any Resistance movement would take arms to defend themselves and liberate their country,wouldn't ya Abu ardvak do the same thing,when your country become under the most brutal and criminal occupation in history?"

WE WOULD MOST CERTAINLY HAVE welcomed Americans with sweet and flowers--we just did not have sweet and flowers. But we did welcome them with tears of joy and with words of gratitude. Damn it, were were then dying of starvation, where do you think we were going to get sweet and flowers from?
It is not their country that they are trying to liberate; it isn't even their country. They are themselves descendents of occupiers, lizard-eating desert rats. They thought they could regain power over the majority by harboring terrorists. This is not going to happen.
We are in the process of cleaning our beloved Iraq from them. Once the American withdraw, the Imam al-Mahdi (my soul be his ransom) army will take good care of them. Rest assured of this. I think the Sneanis know this now; which is why they've stopped asking for a timetable for US withdrawal.

The Sneani "resistance" could function precisely because the US occupation is NOT, as the gentleman put it "the most brutal and criminal occupation in history." In fact it is the other way round; it is a joke. They detain them and release them a few hours/days later.

FOR alurdunialhurr i.e. "free Jordanian."
Of all epithets you chose "al-Hurr" (the free). When have been free? Certainly not the last half a century or so during which the British and their protege kings have been marching you like cattle. Maybe before that? When you were in the desert of Najd perfuming yourself with camel urin, feeding on lizards and fighting among yourselves over a goat?
BTW: there will be no more free Iraqi oil to you Jordanian. Your "heroic" saddam is a corpse now.
If you are a Palestinian, then the Egyptians got it right when they say "tirbaat yuhuud" (reared up by Jews) whenever the word Palestinian is mentioned.

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