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July 11, 2007



Shouldn't that be "takfir al-taqaddumiyeen?". Easy way to get around the fatwa at the very least.


Thanks for the information. Has the Saudi Government had any involvement, or are they waiting till they do something like condone WMDs like good ol' Nasser al-Fahd?


Very interesting piece! I'm glad to see that this fatwa doesn't apply to all liberals. I was getting worried that Shaykh al-Fawzan might get his own show on Fox News with that kind of rhetoric.

nur al-cubicle

Off topic - Arab media event

Palestinian poet Mahmood Darwish was permitted to give a reading in Haifa before 2000 spectators who were lucky enough to get tickets. Giant TV screens were erected throughout the Haifa and other cities to carry the live broadcast by al-Jazeera. Israeli Arab MPs skipped Shimon Perez' investiture to go to the show.


Were you able to find a link to the video?

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