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July 18, 2007



All Bush and the neocons have anymore is AQofM. That's it. That is all that could stop the rush out of the door of Iraq. The American public, I think it fair to say, has made up their minds on this. They/we want out and want it long before even the most liberal Dem in the Senate wants out. Whenever that is. This latest arrest announcement, pulled out of the hat, like some plumb white rabbit, is but one more example of the deception of the American people by their own govt. Our govt is getting desperate. One wonders if they are desperate enough to start dusting off the the paperwork from Operation Northwoods


Abu Ghayib

Is there any indication that ikhwan.net is affiliated with the MB itself, or is it an independent site devoted to the MB? If it's the former, that might indicate a more official relationship, but I can't tell from the site if it is.


About Khalid Mashhadani: it seems to me he's probably a well-known figure in Iraq, too well-known for the U.S. military to simply invent a story that he's captured, especially considering they produced a clear photo of the guy's face.

So assuming the story of the Mashhadani capture is true, it seems like a rare victory in the battle for hearts and minds. All this time Al Qaeda in Iraq has been trying to convince the Iraqi people that it's leading a strong and growing grass-roots movement, complete with a govenmental body and head of state, and suddenly the whole political initiative turns out to be a foreign-based Internet hoax. Better yet, the gang of hucksters included "core" Al Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri.

I don't think the Iraqi people will put much faith in a movement that has the credibility of a foreign phishing scam.


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