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June 24, 2007


Amy H

Not to downplay the crackdown against the MB, but do you think it's actually an "unprecedented campaign"? 1950s, 60s, and 90's crackdowns were extremely harsh...things could get a lot worse.

nur al-cubicle

Wow, just saw a picture of King Abdallah of Jordan and he is putting on the pounds! Starting to look like Zebari.


this attempt to focus attention on Hamas and Gaza could backfire spectacularly if the Arab mood shifts in favor of Hamas

I guess that five years from now the Arab-Israeli conflict will remain unresolved, but all will be quiet on the Gaza-Libyan border.


This article http://www.uruknet.info/?p=33957 says when Hamas took over Fatah security headquarters, it found documents that

"...include information about the involvement of the group of Dahlan and Shabak in cooperating in an organized way with the Mukhabarat of Israel and America, including attempts to inundate Egypt with drugs smuggled from Israel via Gaza, and the distribution of hundreds of thousands of counterfeit dollars in tourist areas of Sinai, to damage tourism in the area.

The documents also refer to the role of Dahlan in inciting Bedouins of Sinai to threaten to support Israeli policy, and to involve their people in smuggling members of "terrorist organizations" into Sinai to undertake operations against tourist installations there, both to hurt Egyptian tourism for the benefit of Israeli tourism, and also to cause trouble between Egypt and Hamas on the assertion that these persons were followers of Hamas."

You should read the complete article.


Re RandallJones

1. uruknet has been found to be completely unreliable by Google and has been delisted from Google News.

2. uruknet has proven their total unreliability by repeating conspiracy crap about the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US. Therefore, their claims as to alleged documents recovered from Mr. Dahlans' offices in the Gaza strip have no credibility.

3. The notion that the Israeli "Mukhabarat," by which I suppose that Mr. Jones means the Mossad, is conspiring to damage tourist activities in the Sinai is absurd. The biggest volume of such tourist traffic comes from Israel.


"Placing Hamas under seige [sic] in Gaza and placing the Muslim Brotherhood under seige [sic] in Gaza are two sides of the same coin"

Do you mean Gaza in both cases, or "Egypt" the second time?


Man, that was clumsy... bad spelling and the wrong country all in the same sentence. The latter was of course meant to be Egypt.

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