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June 21, 2007


Canadian Tar Heel

Absolutely fascinating post !

"So I'm tracking the 'unified narrative' theme right now - will keep you updated if anything significant develops on that front."

Please do.


I hadn't thought about it quite the way you're putting it, but I have been thinking for weeks that there's a narritive taking place. The US is supporting forces in Lebanon and Palestine and Iraq. People are getting killed. Here in the States, everyone I talk to basically says, oh, they've been killing each other forever.

But I'm afraid the Arab street sees it differently.

I think developments are going to be very anti-American.

I mean, most Pals do remember that Abbas got nowhere before Hamas was elected, right? But now we like him? This just makes no sense. Nothing we're doing makes sense unless you're a complete uninformed fool. Or you're trying to create an excuse to bomb the hell out of Gaza.

Surely others notice this, no?

Abu Ghayib

The entirety of الاتجاح المعاكس was devoted to this on AJ Wednesday. They were calling the three you mention plus Somalia and Afghanistan "Green Zone governments." They had an Iraqi from Allawi's Wifaq party arguing the contra, and his argument was essentially that regimes like Egypt, Syria, Jordan etc. are the true green zone governments, since they're all surrounded by personal bodyguards, mukhabarat, etc. and have even less connection to the people.


Why do you always refer to Al Arabiya as Saudi owned and never refer to Al Jazera as Qatari owned?!
To tell you the truth i am finding this quite weird.
Al Arabiya is owned by private Saudi investors, who are close to the royal family, whereas Al Jazera is owned and funded by the qatari government and the whole world knows this fact, even they themselves admit it!


insider - for exactly the reason you give: everyone knows that al-Jazeera is a Qatari station, fully funded by the Qatari royal family; but since al-Arabiya broadcasts out of Dubai its ownership isn't necessarily obvious. I usually mention it when I want to point out a coordinated Saudi media "line", of which it's usually an important part.

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