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May 26, 2007



Marc, I'll talk to Paul about retiring a table for you at Tunnel City. Would you prefer that we paint your name on it and hang it from the rafters, or just a discreet plaque over the power outlet?

Best of luck with the move, the new position and all the excitement of DC life. You will be sorely missed.

Abu Muqawama

Williamstown's loss is DC's gain. Welcome!

Brian Ulrich

Sounds like a great place. I hope they decide to replace you with a historian rather than another political scientist =)


Hi. My name is Eugene Gershin. I'd like to welcome you to Obadiah Shoher's blog, Samson Blinded: A Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict.

Obadiah is a pen name of a politician. He writes extremely controversial articles about Israel, the Middle East politics, and terrorism.

Obadiah advocates political rationalism instead of moralizing. He is economic liberal and political conservative.

Google refused advertising our site and Amazon deleted reviews of Obadiah's book. Nevertheless, Obadiah’s is the largest Jewish personal blog, read by more than 100,000 people monthly. 210,000 people from 81 countries downloaded Obadiah’s book. The blog was voted the best overall in People’s Choice: Jewish and Israeli blogs Awards, received Webby Honoree and other awards.

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Best wishes,

Eugene Gershin

Jewrusalem.net – Israeli Uncensored News


Fare-thee-well and safe travels! We'll miss you around these parts.

Angela Simaan

As one of the inaugural MES students at GWU this fall, I can guess I can say "Welcome to DC!"

Benjamin Bentley

Boy, the crazy in the comment above is incredible. Definitely not someone I'd want to run into in a dark alley.

Anyway, welcome to D.C., I very much hope you'll enjoy your stay here, and keep blogging - reading this has proved very informative about what's going on in the middle east.


Nawwaret DC ya Abu Aardvark :) I hope to run into you soon!
p.s. you forgot another thing to be excited about: Metro! I'm sure it will be your new best friend within no time.

Dave Martin

Good grief.

Best wishes. A former grad student friend is still teaching biology at George Washington. Considering all the stuff that seems to be located at Dupont Circle, you'd think GWU, the thinktanks, restaurants, hospital and whatnot were stacked up like the monster new doubleheaded building at New York's Columbus Circle or perhaps a Palestinian "camp" in Lebanon--they must be rather like the Walled City of Kowloon.

After almost 40 years, I still kick myself periodically for not making enough effort to locate a liberal arts college that would admit me. Having not made a couple of schools, I doubt that Williams would have been any more interested. Possibly something about being an obvious Air Force brat in 1968.

Then again, an Amherst, Mass. friend's daughter scandalized her high school by going to the University of Texas at Austin. She thrived.

Thomas Nephew

We, the brainless clones of DC salute you and welcome you to our think tanks! (Brainless clones being a reference to the logorrheic 5/29 11:18pm post by "Baseball...", which I think you're entitled to delete.)


Wow... I'm just back online (barely) after a week without internet access. Can't get to everything, but crazy guy up there has to go...
... done. Another great conspiracy protected from those who would reveal its true nature...

Steven Livingston


Once you get into town -- Washington -- give me a call or email me and I'll take you to some of our favorite coffee shops, including Tryst in Adams Morgan. My partner Kimberly has worked in the coffee business as a fair trade advocate for years, so she will have plenty of suggestions as to where you can go for good coffee and social benefit to boot. Being from Seattle where wonderful coffee shops dot the landscape, I know how important they can be to one's life. They offer exactly what you describe: community and friends. I must admit that it is more challenging to find that same sense of place here, but I suspect you and your family will find it. I know how much your new friends and colleagues at GW are eager to help. Give us a call just as soon as you have a chance.

Best Regards,

Steve Livingston, Bob Entman, Sean Aday, and many others in the School of Media and Public Affairs at GW

Melissa from cbsnews.com

Do you have your e-mail address posted on your blog?

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