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May 02, 2007



What's with all the diacritical marks on their web site? Are they trying to look Quraanic or just textbookish?


If the Jihad and Reform Front is meant to unify and mobilize factions against the American forces, do you expect that their opposition to al-Qaeda's Islamic State of Iraq might suffer as a result? Or would this type of alliance simply be forced to oppose both the American forces and al-Quaeda simultaneously? Seems like by avoiding side battles and focusing on the U.S. forces, the alliance would open itself up to strikes from AQISI...


FOR "religion", "Sharia govt" and "moderate Islamic doctrine". AGAINST "legitimacy of constitution", "sectarian elections" ie the current proportionally represenative system, and the "Maliki Government".

Seems to me the salient point here is the implied abandonment of the new Iraqi constitution. This would be necessary before the PR electoral system could be thrown out. Would this be done by another referendum or just by ignoring the legalities?.

It seems to be an Arab-Sunnicentric position which is not taking into account the demographic realities of Iraq.

If the proposal is for Sunni sharia government, one would expect the 60% majority Iraqi Shiites would have a different view, not to mention the secular Iraqis.

Still it's a positive that the insurgents are putting their minds to political programs and not just leaving the field to ALQISI. Long overdue.


al qaida is an instrument of the angloamerican occupation

I think, the resistance fighters have seen this distinction.

We have reported about those things in http://politblog.net (sorry, only in german speech)


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