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May 03, 2007



Hope you took lots of notes, and that you'll share some of them with us.


Will the cradle of civilization be a source of hope or doom? For nearly 20 years, the Chautauqua Institution has reviewed the political and cultural landscape of the Middle East. Featuring a diversity of analysts, the forum will investigate the continuing situation in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Palestine and Israel. The week allows you to explore the long-term involvement of the international community and the United States.
I encourage you to join the discussion on the issues affecting this very vital economic and political region. Never before has the dialogue been as salient to the issues of security and politics. Chautauqua is a unique venue to hear from:

1. Amr Hamzawy, senior associate, Carnegie Endowment for Intl Peace; with Geoffrey Kemp
2. Vali Nasr, Naval Postgraduate School professor and author of books on Iran, Islam
3. Ambassador Akbar S. Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies, American Univ.
4. Douglas M. Johnston, president and founder, Intl. Ctr. for Religion and Diplomacy
5. Ellen Laipson, presidnt, Henry L. Stimson Center, Washington, DC; Iraq scholar
6. Dennis Ross, fellow at Washington Institute for Near East Policy; Mid East diplomat in '90s
…and more

The events happen July 22nd - July 28th .

For more information you can check the web site. www.ciweb.org.

This is not spam this is an invitation to hear from leading scholars on a very important set of issues.

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