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May 08, 2007



The problem with drawing any conclusions from day to day developments in Sunni vs Shia violence is that each reforms what it wants and who its members will align themselves based on self interest of the day. The U.S. military isn't fighting a war so much as it balancing books on old scores that are centuries old.
There is no "win". There are only new days to fight. Leave them to their work. There will never be peace in Iraq until a strongman emerges to act as a referee. That is their past. That is there future. Give them democracy and they will use it to enact sharia law. That makes everyone a loser. outthedummies.com


Thanks much for the link to CF, their reports bear similarities to reporting in the Asia Times Online. Do you have a view of the ATO reporting? Are they reliable?


Also thanks for the link to CF.

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