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May 10, 2007



Re: not being able to monitor al hurra; Isn't it like the voice of american which is legally not allowed to broadcast into the US? It's worth considering those reasons.


That's the official reason, but Radio Sawa operates under the same mandate and manages to offer a live feed on its website. Personally I think that Smith-Mundt is badly outdated in an age of media globalization, but that's another argument to have..


It's very frustrating, yes. I met two of the Al-H guys once, and although the correspondent asked intelligent questions of the speaker, I had to wonder about their professionalism and what would be broadcast as the cameraman appeared to be a stinking bum. (I am prejudiced against people who don't wash often enough.)

Gregory D. Johnsen

I agree with making the transcripts of programs available. I once contacted al-Hurra in an attempt to obtain a transcript of a program and I received no response to repeated e-mails and voice messages left at the station.


It is interesting why Mowbray concentrates on Register but fails to comment on his superiors. They should be also held responsible for poor management oversight of Register's daily actions and wasting taxpayers money.

I think you would agree.

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